A traumatic injury has physical, financial, and emotional consequences. These consequences are compounded by stress and anxiety brought on by trying to handle your insurance claim without knowing the law. When you are hurting, the last thing you need is for your legal situation to loom over you. Often you are not only dealing with another person’s insurance company, but your own. Your own auto policy may provide additional benefits that need to be coordinated with the other person’s insurance…


Often insurance disputes do not involve bodily injuries. There may be property loss, or you may be dealing with an insurance company that should be defending you, but isn’t. Tragically, the dispute sometimes revolves around a life insurance claim that should be paid. Our experience in insurance law extends into these areas. We level the playing field Insurance companies use their money in an attempt to create a biased system. Insurance premiums and deductibles continue to increase while coverage shrinks.…


Good lawyers know good lawyers.  Often we are the best choice for your case, and can handle every aspect of the case within our firm.  Sometimes though, to afford you the best possible representation another specialist is needed.  We will associate, with your consent, other attorneys when needed.  This means sharing our fee – not your cost.  When we commit to a case, the outcome is paramount, not the money we may make at the end. We enjoy good working…


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At the Austin Law Offices of Henry Moore, we are more than just a team of Austin personal injury attorneys – we are also fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters. Although we have made it our life’s purpose to help injured people fight for their rightful compensation, we would much rather help prevent accidents from occurring at all. To best promote your safety, we have put together a list of the best safety resources and information available to help…


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